Since 1999

Customs and foreign trade consulting

We provide individual and all-embracing advice in all areas of foreign trade and related sustainability issues as well as USMCA (formerly NAFTA) and re-export control issues. With our specialist lawyers for tax and criminal law, we can also safely accompany you in criminal proceedings. We always advise you with a focus on maintaining profitability in the context of meeting the customs and foreign trade requirements. This includes optimizing internal processes in order to generate savings in connection with the verification of the customs declaration or avoiding future expenses due to fines and criminal proceedings and representing your interests in external audits by the customs authorities. Through our Spanish subsidiary and our partners in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, we can also offer our following services across borders.

  • Export control DE / EU / US
  • Foreign trade and customs
  • Authorized Economic Operator / AEO application
  • Application for “autonomous tariff suspensions
  • Application for simplified customs procedures
  • Application for binding tariff information, formulation of appeals against issued BTI’s
  • Known consignor aviation security / bV- application
  • Fines, criminal proceedings and appeals, legal advice from our specialist lawyers
  • Implementation of foreign trade audits
  • Excise tax processing (EMCS)
  • Customs warehouse processing
  • Conducting customs and foreign trade audits to record the current status with the involvement of all related departments (including purchasing, logistics, sales, accounting/controlling, development)
  • Classification of goods in the Combined Nomenclature (customs tariff number)
  • Creation, revision and monitoring of work and organizational instructions
  • Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act
  • Solutions of foreign trade processing in EDP
  • Preference processing EU / NAFTA (USMCA)
  • Structuring and (re-)organization of foreign trade areas, recommendations for the
  • Achievement of the target state
  • Value added tax law by our tax consultants and tax lawyers