Environment / Human Rights:

Sustainability – a diversified term

Hardly any other term has occupied society as much in recent years as sustainability. Sustainability is by no means a 21st century buzzword, but has been a basic parameter of successful corporate management in business for many years. In the meantime, the term no longer merely serves as a synonym for resource-conserving economic activity, but rather encompasses social and ecological aspects.

Today, the integration of sustainability plays a decisive role in our everyday activities, both in our private and business lives. What initially appears to be an individual philosophy of life is now turning out to be a “code of existence” that is reflected in the private and economic sphere. The obligation to separate waste at home or theCO2 tax in companies are legal regulations that have turned the issue of sustainability into a major factor influencing our decisions. In practice, for example, deciding on the right mode of transportation, be it a family vacation or your own company’s supply chain, is no longer a purely economic decision. Today, it is more a combination of different components such as economy, efficiency and environmental protection.

Our mission is your added value

The mission of Zollcon GmbH focuses on supporting companies in comprehensively implementing the requirements of sustainability laws, such as the LkSG, CBAM and the Deforestation Act, always taking into account the preservation of economic efficiency. We would also like to show you the opportunities that arise from the measures imposed.

In the area of environmental protection, we would like to emphasize that the often boldly stated “CO2 neutrality” is often based on compensation payments or compensation measures. In many cases, authentic “carbon neutrality” does not exist, as many emitters only assess their own emissions and do not adequately take into account the supply chains, manufacturers, upstream suppliers and transport routes, the “gray” emissions. Our consideration goes beyond these boundaries and also includes the routes to and from the employees’ work. We also take into account thecarbon footprints of the production of the means of transportation and equipment/systems used.

With our many years of expertise in international trade, we are aware of the complex interrelationships within supply chains and see it as our responsibility to support our customers in optimizing their supply chains.

In addition to economic and ecological optimization, we pay particular attention to respecting human rights. We are aware of the growing importance of this issue and are also committed to protecting human rights in business decisions, regardless of the sector.

Highest possible energy efficiency

Our own measures

Even if the ecological challenges for us as a service provider are admittedly limited, we also want to do our part for a sustainable world. In 2019, we moved into a new timber building with the highest possible energy efficiency. Our heat pumps, air conditioning systems and vehicle charging stations are fully powered by our PV system. Employees have the option of using either a job ticket, a pedelec or an e-vehicle for their commute to and from work. This underlines our aspiration not only to create sustainable solutions for our customers, but also to strive for the highest possible energy efficiency internally and to promote alternative mobility solutions.