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Import and export declaration

We not only take care of the import declarations and export declarations of your goods on a permanent basis, but also offer these services as interim solutions in case of vacation or illness. We work either in our own systems or in yours on site or by remote access. Through regular training of our employees and the ongoing exchange in day-to-day business between customs clearance and customs consulting, we can guarantee that your customs declarations comply with the legal requirements and that you do not have to worry about future customs and foreign trade audits. In addition to customs clearances, we are also happy to take care of requesting your supplier declarations and submitting your Intrastat declaration.

  • Active refinement
  • Request, verification and issuance of supplier declarations
  • Application for post-collection and refund/remission of import duties
  • Export declarations
  • Special uses
  • Import declarations
  • Passive finishing
  • Personal Embargo Check
  • Preference calculation
  • Verification of your import declarations
  • Verification and updating of foreign trade master data
  • Examination of goods for import or export eligibility (country embargoes, dual-use, armaments)
  • Repair deliveries
  • Monitoring of simplified customs procedures
  • Conversion process
  • Temporary use